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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

K3S - Kubernetes on the cheap

K3S - Kubernetes on the cheap

Kubernetes - Will cost you

One of the caveats you run into when you want to run Kubernetes is that you need a lot of computing power (mostly memory) to run it, and you’ll need to “rent” more than one VPS from your Cloud provider (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Azure etc.) or wherever you get your servers.

A minimum Kubernetes cluster would look something like this, all though I would recomend running Master and Etcd on separate nodes:

  • 1 Master & Etcd node (needs at least 8gb of memory)
  • 1 Worker node (depends on the workload you deploy to it but at least 4gb memory)

Node is the same thing as a server in Kubernetes)

So the cost for this would be around 100-150 US dollars per month, and if you are in the first steps in deploying applications to run on Kubernetes that can be a bit much.

K3S - Will cost you (much) less

K3S is often described as a Lightweight Kubernetes Distribution and is build by the people behind Rancher and is just that, a slimmed down of Kubernetes where the Rancher team have removed things like:

  • Legacy, alpha, non-default features.
  • Most in-tree plugins (cloud providers and storage plugins).
  • etcd3, in favor of qlite3 as the default storage mechanism.

These changes and more makes the footprint of K3S much much smaller and hey have also made K3S available as a single binary so you dont have to be an expert in installing Kubernetes to get started.

Easy to install. A binary of less than 40 MB. Only 512 MB of RAM required to run.

They have also built support for IOT devices running ARM CPU’s and you can for instance run K3S on a Raspberry PI. Another great thing is that they have included Traefik as the default Ingress controller which have tons of annotations you can use in your ingress definitions, Epic Win!

And in fact..this very blog you are reading this article on is running on K3S on a cheap VPS from Hetzner and the next article i will be a tutorial on how i set this up together with Cert manager - For automatic SSL certificate generation.