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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Updates to K3S Ansible

Updates to K3S Ansible

So last week I released a Ansible playbook for getting K3S up and working within 5 minutes (https://github.com/pixelpiloten/k3s-ansible) and both the blog post and my Github account spiked in traffic, for example the blog post (https://www.pixelpiloten.se/blog/kubernetes-running-in-5min/) I made about it attracted about 1000% more visitors according to my Google analytics account, and I had a bunch of feedback on both Reddit, LinkedIn and Disqus. Thank you for your interest, it encourage me to continue my work on the project.

Thank you everyone :)

So i made some updates…

  1. In the playbook I created functionality to choose what K3S version you wanted to use BUT unfortunately the specific code i made for that did not work, it is now fixed and should now download and install the version you provided in the inventory file.
  2. I had hard coded the folder where the K3S installer and I have made this available as a variable.


  • Provide a Virtual machine to test this Ansible playbook, both for developing the playbook but also for testing K3S. This work has been started in a separate branch (https://github.com/pixelpiloten/k3s-ansible/tree/vagrant) but is not ready yet.
  • Ability to upgrade K3S and in the end Kubernetes to a new version by changing the version number in the inventory file.
  • Support more Operative systems than Ubuntu. CentOS will probably be the first one.

To the future and beyond!