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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

I wrote a e-book.

I wrote a e-book.

So the reason I have not blogged here a much since the autumn 2019 is because I have been out on assignment. But I have also been writing a small e-book for the company I work for (RedPill Linpro).

The book is called “DevOps Guide 2020” and it is about the DevOps experience, methodology, the agile process and a index of tools that can help you in your process.

You can download the E-book by clicking the link below but here is a preview from the section about the correlation between Agile software development and the DevOps methodology.

You cannot talk about DevOps without talking about the agile methodology. The DevOps mentality is all about being agile, to be able to adapt, to iterate, have faster turn around, to self organize and have cross-functional teams. DevOps is a product of the agile software-development movement. So, in many ways it is not a new concept; It is a logical step in doing software development, because of what agile methodologies teach us. If your company is working with agile methodologies, it will be easier adopting DevOps-processes and technologies.